A workshop for professionals working with separating parents

  • Do you sometimes see that children are not being helped by how their parents are acting?

  • Do you wonder how you could support the parents to make more child-centred choices? 

  • Would you like to know where to direct them to get help to break the cycles of behaviour they seem to be stuck in and focus on their children’s needs more?  

All separating parents set out to do what is best for their children, yet in reality it is sometimes easier said than done.

When two parents decide to separate it does not change their relationship overnight. The reasons that led them to this decision stay present in their relationship until they are looked into and addressed. Those same reasons can prevent them from co-parenting successfully.


In this workshop, we will explore three underlying causes that keep well meaning, deeply loving, hard working parents caught up in a conflict. ​Being able to identify why parents are struggling helps to focus on solving the issue and enable the parents to be more available to their children.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019, 9-11am

This workshop is delivered online, via Zoom

This is a free workshop - email me to confirm your attendance and I'll send you workshop access details.

"A really helpful, insightful, constructive workshop. Thank you. My clients will benefit!"

"Very well presented with clear case studies and handouts. Very calming and good to be able to speak/interact with one another."

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