Challenging Situation Makeover

Discover 3 Steps to Parenting with Less Drama

Would you like to be able to:


  • Stay calmer and more patient in challenging situations?

  • Understand why your child behaves the way they do?

  • Navigate difficult moments in a way that leaves you both feeling closer rather than drifting apart?

Children’s behaviour is driven by their emotions. To understand why they are behaving in a certain way we need to look for the answer in the world of their feelings.

Imagine somebody hears their fire alarm.They start hitting it to make it stop – while their kitchen is burning down. In a similar way, unwanted behaviour is only a messenger; the child’s way of asking for support with the real issue – they need help to learn to regulate their emotions.

Please take a minute to think of a recent situation when your child seemed to be really difficult or just impossible. Did it make you think: ‘I could have handled it better?’

Welcome to the club. Keep that situation close to your heart and bring it to the workshop. As we walk through 3 steps of discipline without drama you will create a clear plan of responding to that same situation in a way that will help you to:


  • Stay patient during testing moments.

  • Recognise and name the emotions that are the source of your child’s behaviour​.


  • Most importantly - respond in a way that helps your child to feel safe with their big feelings.


Having done it once, you will be able to begin to apply those 3 steps to all sorts of frustrating situations and transform them into opportunities to deepen the connection and open up the communication with your child.

I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop yesterday. It was simple and subtle yet profound and inspiring.

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