The one thing you can do today to support your children

Making time to connect 

Think of your presence as a protective bubble around your children. How they experience separation is being filtered through that bubble. Your calm and available presence is helping them trust that things will turn out ok. The tricky thing about going through separation is that often it is the time when the children need that bubble the most and the parents, understandably, are least able to create it consistently.

When you create regular times to connect with your children, you build a solid foundation for all the conversations you need to have and the decisions you need to make. I know it is easier said than done, so I wrote a series of weekly connection tips that will help you to:

  • Be more in control of how you use your time with your children

  • Find new ways of connecting that is enjoyable for both you and your children

  • Having a better understanding of what your children are feeling and thinking

  • Be more proactive about engaging and being present in your children’s world

  • Help your children trust that you are and always will be there for them