Would things be easier if only your co-parent changed a bit?

Why focusing on filling up your own cup may be more important.

I love how family mediator Louisa Whitney put it:

"A commonly held view in separation is that things would be easier if your ex-partner, your co-parent, would change a bit.

👂 Maybe listen more?

👍 Maybe be a bit more co-operative?

🤝 Engaged?

😉 Follow your direction a little more?"

We discuss this idea in a video below. We also talk about how we need to fill up our own cups to ensure that we come at our role in all the relationships we have (co-parenting, romantic, parental etc.) from the best possible place - and we acknowledge that this can be challenging!

We spoke about:

01:02 Self-care vs self-nourishment

04:22 How having a full or an empty cup can change your experience of relationships

06:30 2 ways in which going through separation can empty your cup

07:14 A story about successfully handling a tricky handover even when with an empty cup 13:30 Re-defining your relationship with the other parent

15:40 How parenting with an empty cup can make you more susceptible to triggers

17:00 Simple practice to fill up your cup

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