3 ways to de-stress talking with the other parent

  • If you can't enjoy your child's birthday because making arrangements with their other parent brings up too much old stuff...

  • If you feel uneasy when you receive a text from the other parent (that’s before you even saw what it is about)...

  • If you are feeling small and quiet at the handover because it is just so uncomfortable...

Don’t settle. Your time is precious. Your time with your children is precious. Your head-space is precious. How you feel about yourself when you talk with your ex is important.

Think of finding a way to communicate comfortably with your ex as a kind and loving act of self-care. A handy transferable skill. Your legacy for your children. Anything works, as long as you don’t settle for anything less than comfortable. Family and workplace mediator John Hind and I have recorded a video series to help you de-stress communication with the other parent. John specialises in helping his clients improve their communication through mediation and conflict management coaching, focusing on helping and supporting them to create value-based outcome solutions whether these relate to meeting unmet emotional, psychological or practical needs. He is a nationally recognised Accredited mediator, NLP based conflict management coach, National trainer and Director of Compass Resolution Ltd.

You can access our video series here: 3 simple ways to de-stress discussing parenting with your ex. It covers:

  • Looking after yourself when you are triggered

  • Why it is important to slow down and how you can do it

  • Signs that it is time to take a break from that particular conversation

Treat it as a thinking space, when you hear an idea that fits your situation - pause the recording and get implementing. I’d love to hear what you discover. P.s. If you would like further support - head to my calendar and book a free discovery call.