3 questions to ask yourself before speaking with your children about separation

It was my great pleasure to discuss this topic with Dr Sue Palmer-Conn. Sue is the UK’s only Certified Divorce Coach, Certified Transition and Divorce Recovery Coach and Certified Divorce Specialist. She works with professionals at all stages of divorce from makeup or breakup decision helping you make informed decisions, walking with you to help you divorce with Dignity, through to making a FRESH start. She will support you until you have the confidence and resilience to fly solo. You can contact Sue by email or visit her website.

Speaking with your children about separation is easily one of the most daunting tasks you will face. Asking yourself these three questions can break down this task into smaller, more doable steps. Simply watch the video, focus on one question at a time and see what answers come up. I trust that before you know it, you'll feel at least a little more prepared, confident and relaxed about having this conversation.

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