Parenting that Heals Community

One-to-one consultations

Consultations are one hour long, we can meet in person or talk on the phone or Zoom. 


In person: Highfields, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5AJ

Phone: 01342 312 788 / 078 1067 4518

Zoom: I will send you the personal meeting ID before our session.


Rescheduling a Consultation


Please give me 48 hour advance notice if you need to reschedule or cancel a session, otherwise it will count as a paid for consultation.

Group sessions

Group calls take place on every second Thursday of the month, on Zoom, 8pm GMT. You can either join the video call or dial in on your phone. Calls are not recorder or shared, so if you know that you will miss a call, please post your question/situation in Parenting that Heals Community group and I will talk about it there.
Dates and themes for 2018:
January 11 - Refocusing on connection
February 8 - The amazing gift of imperfection
March 8 - Supporting exploration
April 12 - Welcoming in for comfort
May 10 - Embodying bigger, stronger, wiser and kind
June 14 - Following the need and taking charge
July 12 - Rupture and repair
August 9 - Shark music
September 13 - Working with your triggers
October 11 - Recognising Miscues
November 8 - Befriending your core sensitivity
December 13 - Putting it all together and... celebration!
Parenting that Heals Community Facebook group
Parenting that Heals Community Facebook group is the place to ask questions, share wins and frustrations and keep in touch in between the sessions. I will be sharing further reading and reflection questions relevant to the theme of the month.  
Direct access email support 
I will get back to you within one working day Mon - Fri, 9am-3pm. 

There are three levels of support to suit your current needs:

How to join


Choose the level of support you currently need. This is an open ended ongoing agreement

- you can move from one level to another or unsubscribe at any time. 

Click on one of the links below to set up your monthly direct debit payments:

Welcome to

Parenting that Heals Community

Heading 4

'Working on my parenting with Una has been an incredibly deep and healing experience. Her very soft, loving and realistic approach has helped me go through the struggles more smoothly, understand my child's needs better and appreciate even more the good moments with her. It has allowed me to be kinder to myself as a parent and to go on striving to become a good enough parent! My daughter is 10 now and I'm still using many of the practical (yet very deep) tools that I learned in her workshops. I'm very grateful and just wish I had met her before. Highly recommended!'





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