Address one parenting after separation issue 

2-Hour Intensive

Making a decision is such a powerful moment. It’s like planting a seed – it will take time and care to grow into a plant, but it starts there, with planting the seed.


If you have been dealing with an issue that continuously erodes the quality of your time with your children, it can begin to feel normal.  It does not mean than you need to settle for the struggle.
Can you imagine:

  • Feeling like you have enough time to be present with your children?

  • Knowing why your children are acting out before and after seeing the other parent and feeling confident about supporting them?

  • Becoming un-triggerable by your ex?

The list goes on and on. The point is: things can be easier, simpler and more joyful. Once you make a decision, the next steps begin to reveal themselves.
I am here to support you along the way. We can get a lot done in 2 hours with a clear intention and focus.

How it works
  • During the intensive, we will look at the situation from an emotional security angle and come up with the best way to support and empower yourself and your children. You will walk away with a clear idea about where to put your time and energy to make things better for you and your children. 

  • I will be available to support you via email and voice messages for two weeks after the intensive.

  • We will have a half an hour follow up call about two weeks after the intensive. 

  • Cost: £245.

The work we did at the intensive gave me the confidence to answer my daughter’s question about why we don’t see her cousins any more. In the past, I would have skirted around the issue or quickly moved on the conversation. This time I felt like you were sitting on my shoulder, telling me: “It is ok for her to be sad about it.” I was pleased that I could stay with the conversation, give her an honest answer and support her with her emotions. I feel more prepared to approach other difficult conversations with her.

to explore if 2-hour intensive is a good option for you