YOU LOVED Parenting that Heals 


And now you want to go deeper and apply what you have learned more consistently

You have a better understanding about why respond in certain ways. It helps you to be kinder to yourself.

You can see what is underneath your child's (sometimes inconvenient) behaviour. It helps you to stay connected when you'd much rather check out emotionally or physically. 

It is getting easier to pause and notice before responding.

You think about parenting from a different angle, you have redefined your role as parent.

You feel confident that you will not mess your child up more than the next parent. 

You have experienced deeper connection... Eye opening understanding... Peaceful acceptance... 

You see and feel how much more is possible for you.

You are looking for a way to make it your new normal. 

You are standing on a very exciting threshold. 

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to

Parenting that Heals Community

Ongoing support for parents committed to nurturing their relationship with their children.

​'Una, this is so simple! I got caught in this big story, drama and now I can see what my son needs from me – right in this very moment. I feel like I am remembering something I knew all along and lost somewhere along the way.'

Heading 3

Even though it was challenging at times, you are glad you stuck with  Parenting that Heals course and saw it through.

You have learned a lot and so much have shifted. 


BUT... implementing it consistently is another story. You feel like one of your feet is in the land of old stories and familiar patterns and the other - much more connected with how you want to live and parent now. 

It feels as if you've been clearing a path in an overgrown patch.

So now it is the time to make a decision. You can: 


Leave it be where it is, hoping that the overgrowth will not take the new path over.




Create regular times to tend to your new path, make it smoother, wider and easier to walk on. 

I am talking about regular support, joining the community of parents moving in a similar direction - towards deeper connection, better understanding, more fulfillment.

I find that every time I come back to facilitate Parenting that Heals course, I discover something new. I see a new angle in what I thought I knew so well, it makes more sense, I can apply it with more ease. 

I believe in coming back to the basics and strengthening the foundation. The year in Parenting that Heals Community is structured around the 12 themes that we have covered in Parenting that Heals Course

Parenting that Heals Community


Month by month


Refocusing on connection


The amazing gift of imperfection


Supporting exploration


Welcoming in for comfort


Embodying bigger, stronger, wiser and kind


Following the need and taking charge


Rupture and repair


Shark music


Working with your triggers


Recognising miscues


Befriending your core sensitivity


Putting it all together and... celebration!

Parenting that Heals Community

support snapshot

'I am more aware than before that when she is ‘difficult’ she is struggling with something. I know what to look for.'


Parenting that Heals Community

Heading 4

Heading 2

'Una has helped me navigate painful territory by always believing in me, she’s been able to help me look at things I found hard and find ways through. My situation has shifted to one of happiness and optimism, things are now working well for me.'

Heading 4

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