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My name is Una Archer and I am a psychologist and registered Circle of Security Parenting facilitator helping parents to soften the impact or repair the damage of separation on their children. No matter where you are on your journey with this – whether you are just starting to think about separation, you are in the process of separating or you are managing life and parenting after separation – there are lots of things you can do to help your children feel safe and loved.


Even if you regret certain things that have happened and your relationship with your children is not currently how you would like it to be, it's never too late to attempt to repair, strengthen and nurture your relationship with your children. 


If you are looking for support then email me to arrange an initial phone conversation to discuss your concerns and hopes


“I am able to deal with situations more calmly and effectively.”

“Una's gentle and practical approach has helped me deal with struggles more smoothly and understand my child's needs better.”

“I am more aware than before that when my daughter is being ‘difficult’ she is struggling with something. I know what to look for.”


One-to-one sessions give us space to focus on what you need and move at a pace you are comfortable with.

This course can help separated parents who:

  • Have different approaches to parenting

  • Are finding it difficult to communicate about their children

  • Have a long history of conflict and know that in the interest of their children they need to somehow rebuild communication and trust to a workable level

  • Find it difficult to discuss big decisions about their children and to exchange information about day to day parenting

  • Whose children are reluctant or refusing to see one of them

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