Empowering separated parents

to help their children feel safe and loved during and after separation

Mother with her Two Kids


Una Archer

Often separated parents want to put their children's needs first but have too much going on to focus on supporting their children in the way they really want to. I take separated parents through an easy-to-follow step-by-step process based on decades of attachment research that helps them to nurture their children's sense of security even if they have little time or energy. It helps them to feel more confident in their ability to support their children through separation and for many years to come.


Free resources for separated parents


This relaxation is designed to help you feel calmer and more connected with your children.


Articles and interviews on day-to-day parenting guided by what we know about nurturing children's sense of security.  


Every Wednesday at 12 pm noon UK time in my Facebook group Parenting Confidently after Separation.